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Herbie Brennan
Posted on Facebook on June 25 2017

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease a few months ago and am currently medicated three times a day with Sinemet which reduces some of the symptoms. I began to experiment with Atremorine on the suggestion of a professional herbalist who was impressed by scientific reports on the results of the Spanish tests (as was I.} From personal experience, I now have no doubt whatsoever that it acts to amplify dramatically the effects of the Sinemet. I am currently experimenting to find my optimum dosage.

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Dan Sanchez
Posted on Facebook on June 15 2017

I am on my third shipment of altremorine. It is making a big difference in how I feel. There are times I don’t have any symptoms. My regular massage therapist noticed how much improved my stiffness is and how less tight my hold body is I just finished going to neurologist just for my six month check up and he was a little bit impressed too he said “I can’t tell you have Parkinson’s. And I’ve been going to him for 3 1/2 years

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Sheron Wegener Farner 
Posted on Facebook on June 14 2017

I have been using AtreMorine for the past three months. I believe that it has helped me. I have recovered dome functions that I had thought were gone for good. In addition, I seem to have longer periods of time when I am on instead of ‘off’j

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Luc Masse
Posted on Facebook June 13, 2017

Automatically Translated (english)

I’ve been taking atremorine since November 2016 and this product has changed my life. I don’t have any symptoms of disease 1 Hres after consuming the product, even my neurologist tells me it looks like you no longer have Parkinson’s and I was diagnosed in may 2013 and today I have a Life has been normal since I took the produit product,, I’m consulting with all the parkinsonnier..

Original Post (french)

Je prends atremorine depuis Novembre 2016 et ce produit a changer ma vie.Je n,ai plus aucun symptôme de la maladie 1 hres apres avoir consommer le produit ,même mon neurologue me dis on dirait que tu n’a plus le parkinson et j’ai été diagnostiqué en mai 2013 et aujourd’hui j’ai une vie tout a fait normal depuis que je prend le produit Atremorine,,Je le conseil a tout les Parkinsonnier..

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Per Leif Dogger
Posted on Facebook on June 13 2017

Great product. Natural source of L-dopa with very promising results.

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Perry Janice Estes
Posted on Facebook on April 19 2017

Hi, my name is Perry and I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for about 5 years. I am currently taking Mirapex and carb/levo dopa three times a day. About a month ago I saw an advertisement on Facebook about AtreMorine and that it had favorable results with Patients dealing with Parkinson’s. I decided to order a 75-gram bottle of AtreMorine and 8 days later I received it in the mail. At the time, I was walking about 3 miles 5 to 6 days a week. After taking 10 grams a day of AtreMorine for 3 days I told my wife, on the third day, that I felt better than I had felt in a long time and that I was going to try to jog instead of walk. Several years ago, I would typically jog 3 miles, 5 to 6 times a day. I began jogging and I felt good and kept going. After 3 miles, I still had a lot of energy, I told my wife I wanted to keep running. I ran another 3 miles for a total of 6 miles that day, both my wife and I were amazed that I could run that far and after running 6 miles, I felt great! After that I ordered 375 grams of AtreMorine and I will keep you posted as I continue to take AtreMorine and my results. Also I have been able to sleep better and I have more fine motor skills.

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Alejandro Lilienthal
Posted on Facebook on March 31 2017

I am 58 yrs oild. The last 14 have been spent “in the company” of PD.. During the last month plus the use of Atremorine has had a remarkable impact. I am not perfect but boy! am I doing better. Would like to know more get in touch!

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Jan Ehrhardt
Posted on Facebook on March 29 2017

I started taking Atremorine 3 weeks ago and this past week I actually feel normal!! I can’t stand the effects of Sinemet and have been searching for an alternative way to deal with my PD. I think I’ve found it…just signed up for automatic shipment!

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Sarah Ennis Ruff 
Posted on Facebook on March 26 2017

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006, And at age 49. 10 years later the prescription Sinemet becomes less effective and develops more dyskinesia uncontrolled movements as a side effect which is happening to me now. A friend told me about this product AtreMorine and I ordered one bottle, Not telling anyone I was taking it because I’ve taken SO many things in the past 10 years. But now I want everyone to know that I have hope back in my life, my dyskinesia is way down, I have noticeably less freezes, Feel more expressive and great gratitude.

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Imran Zawwar 
Posted on Facebook on March 22 2017

My Father was diagnosed Parkinson 5 Years ago. However, he has Static Parkinson which is making him internally week and his movements extremely limited but there are no tremors. However, the way this disease was quickly reducing the quality of his life was very disturbing for us all. I was searching for an effective medication for the past 1 year and I could really see that alot of research was being done but it just felt short of the solution. Once I first heard of Aremorine via facebook feed it seemed to be the perfect fit to what we were looking. With the very first dosage of this food supplement my father felt a huge difference. The support from team AtreMorine has been fantastic for which I am reallyu thankful.

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Michelle Clary Buchignani
Posted on Facebook on March 16 2017

My husband has been dealing with Parkinsonism for the past 3 years and was finally diagnosed this last year with Parkinsons. His PD symptoms went from none to obvious in that time. His Dr. Wanted to wait before starting on any PD medications. So, last November I decided to order some Atremorine, he was willing to try it. The first night after he took it, we were watching tv, something that made me chuckle actually made him laugh! Now that may not seem like much to most, but he had NO joy at all, NOTHING ever even made him smile anymore. So, he continued the Atremorine, now, his PD symptoms have improved dramatically. He has a stronger balance with less rigid movements, more stamina, LAUGHTER! His voice is deeper, more like “normal” and facial expressions are more expressive. His tremors have reduced a lot. He is sleeping a little better, his apetite has increased, so he has gained some weight back, and his overall mood is a more positive. I’m thankful for a natural product to be available to help us through this.

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Sharlyn Cheeseman
Posted on Facebook on March 16 2017

My name is Sharlyn and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago. I have not taken any of the drugs, but have been taking amino acid therapy with Mucuna Puriens. My symptoms have been stabilized – except for the tremor in the right hand. But I would get nausea sometimes from the Mucuna. A friend told me about the AtreMorine and I started supplementing my amino acid therapy with 5 g of the Atre every morning in my oatmeal. I have been doing this for 6 months now. I am functioning very normally with this routine with no nausea at all. These natural therapies have saved my life!

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Kim Cole
Posted on Facebook on March 14 2017

Have been using Atremorine since January….has made a difference for sure….🙂

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Alastair Logan 
Posted on Facebook on March 14 2017

Hi my name is Pat. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 7 years ago. I have been taking Rasagilene and Levodopa. 2 years ago I was advised to double the dose of Madopar. I noticed that my hand tremor reduced but I started having head-shaking Which I could not tolerate. I reduced the tablets which helped a little. I then saw the advert for Atremorine and as it was a natural product I decided to give it a try for 3 months. It has transformed my quality of life. I have no head shaking and the muzziness I was experiencing has gone. I am still on the reduced medication. My confidence has returned. The support from the Atremorine team has been excellent and prompt.

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JCPB. – United Kingdom
Posted on March 31, 2017

I have been taking AtreMorine for some weeks now with pleasing results.

The immediate effect (after 30 minutes) of taking 10gms of AtreMorine sprinkled on top of 150gms 0%fat Vanilla Yoghurt is a feeling of relaxation down the back of my neck and across my forehead. I take no medication of any sort, but plenty of exercise at the gym, and I stick to a gluten-free diet. I have tremor throughout my body but principally in my speech, my right arm and hand. The effect of AtreMorine over the whole body is for the tremor to be less violent and “smoother”. I have observed no immediate side effects from taking AtreMorine.

The question I asked myself was: “How do I quantify the effect of taking AtreMorine?” My answer is given in the two pictures attached to this email. I did the usual tremor tests for writing on top of a straight vertical line and writing in spirals, clockwise, anticlockwise with left and right hands (I am naturally right-handed). Because my handwriting has become illegible I had to scan the drawings into my computer to label them. You will see a significant reduction in tremor if you place the two pictures side-by-side.

I hope you find this information useful to you. I will continue to use AtreMorine and will keep you informed of any further observations if you so wish.

Thank you very much for the help your product is giving me.



Before AtreMorine

After AtreMorine

Raquel A – Argentina
Posted on December 5, 2016

Automatically Translated (english)

I wanted to thank with all my heart since I have been atremorine for 6 days and for 3 years I have had incredible changes, I have recovered almost to normal. I am with such great amazement and happiness that I can not believe it, recover a quality of life that Had lost … I have so much happiness that I can not reach the words to thank, very exciting, THANK YOU !!!

Original Post (spanish)

Quería agradecer de todo corazón ya que tomo desde hace 6 días atremorine y desde hace 3 tengo cambios increíbles,recupere la marcha prácticamente a la normalidad estoy con un asombro tal y una felicidad tan grande que no lo puedo creer, recupere una calidad de vida que había perdido… tengo tanta felicidad que no alcanzan las palabras para agradecer, muy emocionante, GRACIAS!!!!!!

Laura D. – España 
Posted on November 30, 2016

Automatically Translated (english)

When I learned that Atremorine was based on the studies of Prof. Ramón Cacabelos I said that this product was something serious and I was not mistaken, I met Ramón when he made the speech of “Brain, Mind and Human Genomics” in the V Edition of Minds Brilliant in Madrid, I bought the product for a family of mine, which is giving incredible results in a very short time.

Original Post (spanish)

Cuando me enteré que Atremorine era basado en los estudios del Prof. Ramón Cacabelos me dije que esto producto era algo serio y no me equivoque, conocí a Ramón cuando hizo el discurso de “Cerebro, Mente y Genómica Humana” en la V Edición de Mentes Brillantes en Madrid, yo compre el producto para un familiar mio, el cual esta dando resultados increíbles en muy poco tiempo.

Marcela C. – Mexico
Posted on November 25, 2016

Automatically Translated (english)

have been taking AtreMorine for a week and it has been fabulous. As I take it greatly improves the coordination of my movements, walking, stiffness and trembling decreases a lot. The truth seems to me an excellent supplement for those who suffer from this disease and I will love to continue to consume.

Original Post (spanish)

Estoy tomando AtreMorine desde hace una semana y ha sido fabuloso. En cuanto lo tomo mejora mucho la coordinación de mis movimientos, la marcha, la rigidez y el temblor disminuye muchísimo.La verdad me parece un suplemento excelente para quienes padecemos esta enfermedad y me encantará seguirlo consumiendo.

Mario P. Chile
Posted on November 12, 2016

Automatically Translated (english)

I am very happy to have atremorine for 1 month! It has given me an ease in my movements that I had lost for 10 years. I recommend them with all my heart is the product that I have been waiting for a long time, if I could give them more than 5 stars gave them. Greetings and thanks.

Original Post (spanish)

Estoy muy contento de tener atremorine desde hace 1 mes! Me ha dado una facilidad en mis movimientos que había perdido durante 10 años. Se los recomiendo de todo corazon es el producto que he estado esperando hace mucho tiempo, si podia darles mas que 5 estrellas se las daba. Saludos y gracias.

Jose M. – USA
Posted on October 7, 2016

Automatically Translated (english)

I have heard of atremorine a few weeks ago by a relative who had bought it, as it is a natural product and just came to market, I wanted to try and see if I could also act in my daily tremors, I am more than satisfied, atremorine has changed my Life totally! I do not know how to thank you, I just wish I had it long before. Thank you

Original Post (spanish)

He oído hablar de atremorine hace unas semanas por un familiar que lo había comprado, como es un producto natural y que recien salio al mercado, quería probar y ver si podía actuar tambien en mis temblores diarios, estoy más que satisfecho, atremorine ha cambiado mi vida totalmente! no se como agradecerles, simplemente me hubiera gustado tenerlo mucho antes. gracias

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